Kinston Hotel

503 N. Queen Street / Kinston, NC 28501 / Kinston, NC

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Kinston Hotel

503 N. Queen Street / Kinston, NC 28501 / Kinston, NC


Kinston Hotel Apartments offers affordable 1 & 2 bedroom apartments. This senior-living community offers residents many amenities, including central air, modern kitchen appliances (stove, refrigerator & dishwasher) and a technology center. Our location in Kinston is close to shopping venues and just minutes from restaurants, financial institutions and the Neuse River.


    • Dishwasher
    • Oven
    • Refrigerator
    • High Speed Internet Access
    • Air Conditioning
    • Technology Learning Center
    • Wellness/Fitness Center
    • Community Room
    • Laundry Facilities


    • 1-bedroom, $333-$397
    • 2-bedroom, $408-$487

What's Nearby

    • Located in beautiful downtown Kinston, the Kinston Hotel is the tallest point in Kinston.
    • Located down the street is the Social Security Office, restaurants, shopping centers, banks and grocery stores.


    Yes, units are available

Rent Restrictions

These apartments have restrictions on age and income. The maximum income is $23,940 for a family of two. Residents must be a least 55 years old. If you have questions on whether you qualify, please contact us for more information.

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday: 7:30am - 1:30pm &\r\nFriday: 12:30pm - 6:30pm