Experienced Multi-Family Community Maintenance Technician - Royce
Job ID 1035
Royce Gardens Hillside Apartments, Oak Ridge, TN

The job of the Maintenance person is based on flexible hours depending on the size of the


  • Under the general direction of the Agent, the maintenance person assumes the
    responsibility for the overall maintenance of the complex.
  • Advises the Agent of the needs and problems of tenants with reference to the
    maintenance of the complex.
  • Ensures that all vacated units are in a “Market Ready” condition before showing or
    leasing the unit. Vacant units should normally be “Market Ready” within (3) days
    following a move-out. A “Market Ready” unit has new paint, clean carpets, all appliances
    in working order, replace burned out bulbs, etc.
  • The keeping and updating of all items of personal property relating to the complex, their
    value and condition. (Included are items such as refrigerators, stoves, hoses, sprinklers,
    lawn maintenance machinery and other maintenance equipment.)
  • Plans, organizes and directs a program of efficient and economic maintenance of all
    buildings, grounds, and equipment.
  • Ensures that both tenants and staff are familiar with and observe safety regulations.
  • Promotes tenant participation in enforcing the regulations.
  • Provides for continuous building surveillance to eliminate potential hazards.
  • Participates in discussions involving changes in the existing facilities of the complex.
  • Ensures the common and public areas, lawn and parking areas are kept clean, neat and
    free of hazards. Reports instances of major concern to the Agent.
  • Rotates locks on all apartments prior to the new tenants occupancy.
  • Ensures that all lawn areas are watered, fertilized and mown properly during the growing
    periods if there is not a landscaper on contract. The complex will have a neat and clean
    appearance at all times. All barked areas will be kept weed-free and all hedges and trees
    will be pruned and trimmed as necessary.
  • All sidewalks will be kept free of snow and ice in the winter months.
  • Follow-up and perform all routine maintenance in an orderly fashion. This includes, but
    is not limited to re-hanging of doors, screens, windows, repair of toilets, sinks and other
    items that require small repair.
  • When an item is too large or complicated to handle, contact agent for instructions and
    ensure the correct handling of the item is completed following safety regulations.
  • Acquire agent’s approval for any expenses to be purchased with a purchase order.

Daily Tasks

  • General trash pickup in all common areas and assuring that cleanliness is maintained
    around the dumpsites.
  • Cleaning the rental office, including: vacuuming carpets and cleaning windows and
    sliding glass doors as needed.
  • Clean the laundry areas, including keeping the windows clean, tables wiped off, and
    machines cleaned, and cleaning in and behind machines as needed.
  • Replacing burned out light bulbs located in the common areas.
  • Repair any items that are broken or in need of repair that have been reported by the
  • Sweeping walks, including sweeping the curbs and or other areas as needed. Clean
    stair treads, hand rails and keeping cobwebs out of the corners of all common areas

Included Properties

This position has responsibilities which spans multiple properties.

Royce Gardens Hillside Apartments
Oak Ridge, TN