Experienced LIHTC Community Manager - Grainger/Kinston Oaks
Job ID 1034
Grainger Place Apartments, Kinston, NC


  • Receive and process applications
  • Record applicant/traffic contact
  • Complete tenant certifications at move-in
  • Process paperwork by obtaining all required verification during move-ins or re-certifications
  • Complete unit inspections quarterly or as needed
  • Handle tenant complaints according to policy and procedures
  • Ensure maintenance/janitor work is accomplished
  • Coordinate unit turnover
  • Process move-out paperwork including the inspection of the unit, estimating damages and completing standard refund letters according to company policy
  • Maintain a waiting list and continues making community contacts even if 100% occupied
  • Process, collect and maintain security deposits payments
  • Collect and enter rent
  • Process Bank Deposits per company policies and procedures
  • Follow-up on net receivable delinquencies
  • Maintain resident files per compliance issues
  • Inspect the property daily for cleanliness and/or safety hazards
  • Daily enforcement of project rules and regulations while processing non-compliance notices in a timely manner
  • Market and show apartments to prospective applicants
  • Contact references of applicants prior to move-ins
  • Process approved or rejected applicants’ paperwork
  • Notify applicants of management’s decision on his/her application.
  • Prepare and prosecute the lease and all addendums
  • Re-certify tenants annually or as needed
  • Schedule monthly tenant meetings and work with supportive services
  • Prepare work orders for all work to be done on the project and supervise all maintenance work
  • Maintain regular office hours and be available to the community, tenants and vendors
  • Retrieve email correspondence and reply or respond to requests in a timely manner or by the date specified
  • Process Accounts Payable vouchers according to company policy and procedures and submit them to the Regional Property Manager weekly.


  • Previous experience in property management or other related fields
  • Familiarity with real estate contracts and leases
  • Ability to build rapport with tenants
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Included Properties

This position has responsibilities which spans multiple properties.

Grainger Place Apartments
Kinston, NC

Kinston Oaks Apartments
Kinston, NC