Landmark Property Management Company was formed in 2001 by our Chief Executive Officer and President, Lisa Sari. LPMC (our management division) was specifically formed to look after projects developed and owned by our parent company, The Landmark Group of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The Landmark Group which comprises Landmark Asset Services and Landmark Services Incorporated, was originally founded by our founding father, the revered and admired Dewayne H. Anderson.

Each of our communities are served with dedicated staff members who are responsible for day-to-day operations, normal maintenance and emergencies. Assisting our community teams managers are our Regional, Management and Executive Leadership team. Leading the team is our Chief Operating Officer, Blair Maas. who has over 28 years of experience leading our group. She has received Annual Compliance Expert (ACE) certification by Community Affordable Housing Equity Corporation (CAHEC) and is recognized as a Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP) by the National Affordable Housing Management Association/ National Association of Home Builders.


We take extra pride in our communities because they belong to us, and we think of our residents as part of the family. In all, we manage more than 3700 apartments encompassing 86 communities within 9 states.